2&2 Burr for IPP35

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange – Ottawa, Canada August 2015. 302 made.
Presented Rosemary Howbrigg. Designed by Osanori Yamamoto in May 2014. Made by Mr Puzzle.
Original Price: AU$40.50

The puzzle is to assemble the 4 piece interlocking burr. An interesting symmetrical shape made from 2 pieces of clear 10mm acrylic around 2 wooden pieces.

This puzzle is fun, a really good challenge, but not impossibly difficult, a good size, not too fiddly, not too big. So it depends on how much of a puzzle challenge your up for… you can buy it disassembled or you can buy it already assembled for you.

The puzzle has a unique solution but there are lots of twists and turns along the way to assembly. We think the printed solution will show you the shortest way and even that’s 20 steps but at this point no computer analysis can be done.

When we sent Rosemary a completed copy of her puzzle to play with her remark was “not a trivial puzzle is it?” from a woman who’s been collecting puzzles all her life. So don’t take it too lightly.

This puzzle uses a number of different directional rotation moves that you won’t have seen in a burr before. No force at all is required to rotate the pieces everything just needs to be lined up just right so you’re ready to make the move. Sometimes we think we sound like a “broken record” reiterating this but it really is true no force required.

The puzzle is sold either:

1. Disassembled so you can really enjoy the puzzle experience. If you’ve had a lot of experience with burrs this puzzle will still be a good challenge. (NOW SOLD OUT – Only assembled available.)
2. Assembled so you can have the chance to take it apart yourself and then put it back together again. Still not so easy but certainly not as hard as if you just get the already disassembled pieces.

Either way the puzzles comes with a step by step solution with a graphic for each step. Thanks to Junichi Yananose for the brilliant puzzle solution drawings he does for many of our complex burr puzzles.

Size: 50mm x 60mm x 40mm. The wooden piece is 40mm high.

The puzzle consists of 2 Western Australian Jarrah wooden pieces which contrast very well with the 2 x 10mm acrylic pieces. All glue joints in the wooden pieces are strengthened with bamboo dowel.

A version of this puzzle with 4 wooden pieces was submitted by Osanori Yamamoto as an Entrant in the IPP 2015 Design Competition 

2&2 Burr Puzzle IPP35
2&2 Burr Puzzle IPP35 Option to purchase disassembled.

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