Gridlock at the Arc de Triomphe anti-slide puzzle

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange – Paris, France in August 2017
Designed A collaborative effort by William Hu, Junichi Yananose, Brian Young. Presented by Jerry Slocum. Made by Mr Puzzle.
233 made.  Original Price: AU$25.00

The stated object of the puzzle is: Place all 6 pieces in the frame with the car engraving up, so that no piece can slide within the frame; even when the frame is shaken side to side.  And now we’ve added other challenges for you as well.

When the puzzle is solved there should be slight movement of the pieces in the frame but they will not slide freely around the frame.  When briskly shaken they will not slip and slide loosely around the frame.  There will be some movement though just because of the variation in the cast acrylic pieces.
Jamming the pieces into the frame using force is not the intended solution. Like most puzzles, force is not the answer.

This one has really caused some discussion since IPP that’s for sure!  There have been many proposed solutions; some very good, some very imaginative, others that are just plain hopeful!  There have also been puzzlers who’ve come up with potential solutions involving less pieces.  So we’ve now updated the original label and stated goal for the puzzle to include this extra challenge.

Size: The frame is 118mm x 88mm x 6mm
The puzzle is made from 6mm acrylic and is packaged with a printed solution is included.

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