Fallingwater Burr complex interlocking burr

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange – London, England. August 2014.  855 made.
Presented by Lambert Bright. Designed by Junichi Yananose. Made by Mr Puzzle.
Original Price: AU$36.00

The 6 interlocked pieces of this burr reminded us of the counter-levered design of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright designed house in Pennsylvania called Fallingwater Water.

The clear pieces add another element of difficulty because its difficult to get your bearings when doing the puzzle; its often difficult to see exactly which piece your working with. Strange, considering that they are clear which means you can see everything!

There are 21 steps shown on the printed solution we provide with the puzzle, and in some cases many pieces move at the same time in the same direction and we’ve shown that as only one step, so this alone tells you the puzzle won’t be trivial to solve. BurrTools can’t solve this one completely either. This could appeal to some people who are really up for the challenge, but it can scare others too!  No matter.  The puzzle comes with a very detailed solution sheet drawn by the designer himself with step by step instructions on how to assemble the puzzle.

The assembled burr truly does look like a very elegant architectural masterpiece.

The puzzle is laser cut from 10mm Shinkolite continuous cast acrylic sheet.

Size when assembled: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm. Each pieces is 80mm x 50mm x 10mm.

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