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Pulsar Burr by Junichi Yananose for IPP35

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange – Ottawa, Canada  August 2015.  298 made.
Presented by Lambert Bright. Designed by Junichi Yananose. Made by Mr Puzzle.
Original Price: AU$36.00 

What is the definition of pulsar?
A rapidly spinning neutron star that emits a bright beam of radiation from its magnetic poles. The name derives from the fact that the star appears to pulsate every time the beam sweeps past us. Pulsar is short for ‘pulsating star’.

And that’s what we thought the burr looked like when assembled!

The puzzle consists of 4 pieces of 10mm acrylic and a single wooden piece from Western Australian Jarrah. One of the acrylic pieces is quite unique to any other burr we’ve ever made. Junichi designed it with a sweeping curve cut out of the piece.

Size:  60mm x 40mm x 80mm. Wooden piece is 80mm long.

Packaged disassembled.  This is a very doable puzzle from someone who’s had a little experience assembling burrs.  But it is designed by Junichi so it’s not a pushover that’s for sure!

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