Using clear acrylic to make VERY hard puzzles

In the past couple of years Brian has been using 10mm Shinkolite continuous cast acrylic sheet to make very complex burrs.   Many of them are burrs that would never get make from wood;  too many glue joints to be stable;  too many strange shaped pieces to make from wood; small runs so it’s not economic to tool up to mass produce from other materials.   So, an alternative economic method to bring some interesting and different burrs to you, often very, very difficult ones, from a range of designers from around the world.

But oh!!!!! how hard it is to photograph them to show their real beauty!!!!  I’ve tried a dark background so I hope that works:)

A great example of this is the Fallingwater Burr.  Made for the International Puzzle Party (IPP) 34 designed by Junichi Yananose here at Mr Puzzle.  Rated 9/10 for difficulty.

The 6 clear interlocked pieces of this burr add another element of difficulty because its difficult to get your bearings when doing the puzzle; its often difficult to see exactly which piece your working with. Strange, considering that they are clear which means you can see everything!

Other great examples are these three released for IPP35 in August 2016

Holey 6 Board Burr II.  Very difficult designed by Junichi Yananose.

Unique solution board burr by Junichi Yananose at Mr Puzzle with 2483 false assemblies.

Dwarf Planet D designed by William Hu

A new design by the young Western Australian designer William Hu. This puzzle has the magic number of 6 interlocking pieces. But don’t be fooled. There are 69 false assembled and just one solution. That solution is a level 6-8-2–3-3 so not trivial at all!

Double Image designed by William Hu

This is NOT an impossible object. With the correct sequence of 24 moves this interlocking burr can be disassembled. Two sets of 4 piece burrs interlocked together that appear as though you’re seeing double!