Murbiters Devilish Burr for IPP36

Edward Hordern IPP36 Puzzle Exchange – Kyoto, Japan. August 2016. 235 made.
Presented by Rosemary Howbrigg. Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Primitivo Familiar Ramos.
Original Price: AU$65.00

We’re really happy to finally bring this interesting 6 piece plated burr puzzle to you. Murbiter’s Devilish Burr has been a puzzle we’ve been in contact with the designer Primitivo Familiar Ramos about since as early as 2010. Primitivo had enjoyed the T-Burr puzzle that was designed for IPP29 by Grant Smith and Brian Young (aka Mr Puzzle) and he set about to make a ‘more symmetrical’ version of it.

Primitimo’s new design has a level-15 solution. In the design phase Primitivo found some solutions of level 20, but they were not unique. 

Brian’s very happy with the final design and fit of the pieces;  a real challenge but not impossible.  The BurrTools program always makes it look easier than it really is;  gravity doesn’t exist inside the computer;  and certainly this one is a handful at first but he did find that there is a technique of assembly with only two hands!
Check out Brian’s method here:
It’s the same final solution but different approach to assembly and we used it for the printed solution as well rather than the BurrTools solution.

“Murbiter” is the ancient Arabic name of Sagunto, the town in the province of Valencia, in Spain where Primitivo was born.

The puzzle is made from Queensland Silver Ash and the ends of each piece are from contrasting Western Australian Jarrah wood. The colour of the red wood varies from a lighter pink colour to a deep brown red.

Size: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm