Mr Puzzle interviewed at the Toy Fair in Melbourne

It seems like an age ago since we went to the Melbourne Toy Fair and did this interview with Mel from UGames. Way back before Covid… how life has changed since! 

UGames 1000 Piece Murder Mystery jigsaws sustained many puzzlers through the Coronavirus lockdown times. Even our Prime Minister Scott Morrison  described jigsaw puzzles as an “essential” item, telling Australians it was OK to leave the house to buy them during the coronavirus pandemic. What a recommendation!

I’m not sure how the time since the Toy Fair just flew by and I never got around to posting this interview. Hope you enjoy listening.

We don’t just talk about jigsaws in this interview. We give some insight into how we got started way back in 1992, Brian’s personal puzzle collection, and Brian’s own puzzle designing and manufacture including Sequential Discovery puzzles and very sought after Limited Edition items. Mel form UGames is a bright and bubbly person and it’s more like a discussion with a friend than an interview!