Chris Ramsay YouTube Houdini Puzzle

Update January 2021:  We’ve been working with a manufacturer in China to make more readily available and affordable version of the Houdini puzzle for some time now. The puzzle will be brass, not wood like the original Brian made himself back in 2011. If everything goes to plan it should be done and ready to sell about the middle of 2021 so watch this space.

Updated 20th May 2021: This project is definitely going ahead and we’ve had a prototype although it will probably be a few months yet before the finished product will be here and available for sale.

The headline reads  “The INFAMOUS Water Torture Cell Puzzle!! (Can it be Solved?!)”

The famous YouTuber’s most recent solve is our Houdini’s Torture Cell puzzle that we made back in August 2011. We no longer make this puzzle but since then a number of puzzles have resold at auction with prices going as high as GBP1062.

Read our original post from 2011 about the puzzle’s history:

Brian was pretty interested in the way he solved it because it was not actually the intended solution but nonetheless it was a way to solve it so well done!

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