more Monkey Business from Two Brass Monkeys

Steve and Ali are at it again. What is it about monkeys and bananas for those two? Whatever it is if it means they continue to create amazing new high-quality brass puzzle designs we’re all for it!

The latest is Feed The Monkey.  The stated goal is to Feed the Monkey so that all of the bananas are fully inside the monkey. There are 16 smaller bananas and one larger, double-length banana.

It won’t be long before you start to wonder if you’re ever going to be able to do this. Any way you drop them in, jiggle them around, or tip the puzzle one way or another, there always seems to be one banana blocking the final long banana from dropping into place.  You might even fluke it at first but this isn’t solving the puzzle.  To say you’ve solved it you really need to understand what’s happening and be able to solve it at will.

It’s as quirky as you would expect with the puzzle coming inside its own bright yellow silicone banana case.  You get to choose either a male or female monkey face engraved on the top of the puzzle.  It’s as tricky as you would expect. And it made with quality and precision craftsmanship as you would expect.

Feed the Monkey Puzzle
Comes in a quirky bright yellow silicone banana case.

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