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Glitter Very hard interlocking burr by Osanori Yamamoto

Edward Hordern IPP35 Puzzle Exchange – Ottawa, Canada. August 2015.  300 made.
Presented by Frans de Vreugd.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Osanori Yamamoto.
Original Price: AU$50.00

This is the ‘big brother’ of Osanori Yamamoto’s 2 & 2 puzzle which we also made for as an IPP35 exchange puzzle. Only one extra piece but that makes much, much harder.

Take the 5 piece interlocking burr apart and reassemble it.drawn

Normally puzzles with this level and degree of difficulty you would expect to have 18 pieces or more. But this one has just 5.

There are so many peculiar moves due to the rotations that it even makes it difficult to know exactly what disassembly level to classify this burr as. The printed solution has been drawn with 61 steps.

The puzzle requires rotational moves, so BurrTools can’t help you much with this one!

No force at all is required to rotate the pieces; everything just needs to be lined up just right so you’re ready to make the move. Sometimes we think we sound like a ‘broken record’ reiterating this but it really is true; no force required.

Sold assembled. It would be way too difficult if we sold it apart. Brian spent a lot of time putting these together; at least by the end he was getting much faster and didn’t need the solution!

Even though we sell this puzzle assembled we still don’t think that many people will ever take it apart and reassemble it again without the aid of the solution or a computer.

Size: 60mm x 60mm x 40mm. Wooden piece is 40mm.

The puzzle looks quite spectacular with 3 Western Australian Jarrah wooden pieces which contrast very well with the 2 x 10mm clear acrylic pieces. All glue joints in the wooden pieces are strengthened with bamboo dowel.

Packaged assembled with a very detailed solution. The solution is a full A4 sheet with no less than 61 steps to complete the puzzle. Even with the solution doing this puzzle is no walk in the park. You really need to concentrate.

Big thanks to Ishino for doing the basic graphics for this amazingly detailed solution. If you didn’t have it you might never do this puzzle. It is so very hard!

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