International Puzzle Party 29, San Francisco, USA

IPP29 was hosted by Dave Rossetti  and held in San Francisco in August of 2009.

What do you think of when you think San Francisco?  That funny windy little street in all the movies?  That’s exactly what Brian thought of too and decided to make that the theme for his Exchange Puzzle.


The object of the puzzle is to take a drive down Lombard Street, from Hyde Street to Leavensworth Street. Manoeuvre the ball bearing from tile to tile, starting at Hyde Street and deliver it to Leavensworth Street. Beware, a wrong move can cause a crash, forcing you to start all over again at the top.  To do this you will need to complete this dexterity slide puzzle.

CONDOR’S PEEPER (Since Sold out)

Brian loves burrs and so he was very happy indeed when Frans de Vreugd asked him to make his Exchange Puzzle.  A very difficult design by Jack Krijnen, who has invented a number of different 18 piece burrs in the past few years but this one stood out from the others. The puzzle has 29467 possible assemblies.  To assemble the puzzle in this symmetrical colour combination the puzzle has a unique solution. This solution is a level 62 disassembly; this means that it will take a minimum of 62 moves in exactly the correct order to remove just the first piece. The puzzle requires a total of 105 moves to remove all pieces and take it completely apart. The number of moves to remove each piece in order is first piece – 62 next piece – 4 next piece, then 21 next piece 1 and so on –

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