T Burr interlocking burr puzzle

Edward Hordern IPP29 Puzzle Exchange – San Francisco, USA. August 2009 180 made.
Presented by Grant Smith.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Grant Smith & Brian Young
Original Price: AU$42.00

Like most interlocking burr puzzles the T Burr puzzle should be more difficult to assemble once apart. However, the T Burr has a unique set of moves to take this puzzle apart so we decided to sell it assembled and give the puzzler the very interesting challenge of disassembling it.

This multi-level six piece burr is quite unusual in its disassembly because it is not always just a single piece that moves at each level. The minimum number of moves to remove the first piece is four.

Grant had the idea to design a burr that looked like a letter T on each end. He and Brian then collaborated to refine the basic shape to include more complexity in the actual assembly of the burr.

The puzzle is made from Vitex (otherwise known as Papua New Guinean Teak) with Western Australian Jarrah “T” pieces on each end.
Size: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm.