Moon Spinner – the latest craze from ThinkFun

The Rubiks Cube was the craze of the 1980’s and its still spawning popular puzzles today. Moon Spinner is the current craze. A bit like a flat Rubiks Cube. Scramble the colours and rotate them until you can get the colours back to their starting positions.

Don’t be deceived. It’s a pretty hard puzzle. And totally addictive just the like the Rubiks Cube too!

I was watching Oskars YouTube channel and see that before the Moon Spinner he’s created a family of 8 other Weird Disk (Oskar’s words not mine!) twisty puzzles. He shows the 2xminus6 and poses the question at the end “is the family complete?” It appears not. Because it looks like he went on to create the Moon Spinner at least from this series. A step up from the 2xmunis6. Watch Oskars explanation on his YouTube channel.

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