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5 Sun 27 Step Panda and Crane pattern Puzzle Box


Quick Overview

This puzzle box from Japan has the classic Japanese crane on one side and the cutest panda on the other side, all done in amazing wood inlay.
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Japanese wood inlay that makes pictures from the different coloured woods is called Zougan. The Hakone mountains area in Japan (the same area as Mt Fuji) is famed for the variety of trees that grow in the area. Craftsmen have been taking advantage of the natural forests and the wide variety of coloured woods to make traditional wooden crafts and art for centuries.

As well as being quite a difficult puzzle box, with 27 steps to open, this is also a beautiful example of zougan woodcraft. One face of the box has Panda zougan and the other side Orizuru zougan. The sides of the puzzle box are decorated with the pattern called Kikkou. Only the highest quality Yosegi has been used for this box. The detail in the panda and the crane is just exceptional. The stamp of the maker is inside the box.

Of course the orizuru, or paper crane, is one of the most recognisable designs associate with Japan.  The most classic of all Japanese origami, the Japanese say that a thousand cranes need to be made in order for a wish to come true.

Size: 5 Sun Size outside: 150mm X 107mm X 68mm Size inside: 100mm X 74mm X 42mm
Sun is the traditional unit of measure of these secret opening puzzle boxes. Each sun = 3.03 cms.
The puzzle box comes in an luxurious maroon lidded box with a solution and small brochure about the traditional of secret puzzle boxes inside.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Puzzle Box Japan
Difficulty Level 6
Designer -

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