Pin Hole Grand Cross puzzle from Queensland Blackbean

Sold out 2007 Limited Edition Set of 30. 
Original Price: AU$310.00  (AU$281.82 ex Australian Tax)

It seems these days the only way to be able to afford to collect an important Stewart Coffin design is for Brian to make it himself. Hence this one, the grandest in the pin-hole series from 1976. Stewart Coffin developed this series which culminated in this ‘pre-packaged kit’ consisting of 7 pins, 1 bar, 12 crosses, 17 elbows, and 6 links; 43 pieces in all.

The pieces will be shipped assembled as the Pin-Hole Grand Cross, but you can also make many other puzzles. With the puzzle we will give you a sheet with 10 additional problems for you to make with a specific selection of pieces. If you’re worried about taking the Grand Cross apart Stewart offers the advice that “by persisting with the simpler figures you can gradually become familiar with the more difficult tasks”.

The puzzle is made from Queensland Blackbean wood with dowel made from Ramon wood.
Size: Made from 30mm x 30mm stock. Pin-Hole Grand Cross is 270mm x 270mm x 270mm. All together there is 3.780 meters of wood and 3.780 meters of dowel in this puzzle.