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Sequential Move

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Buy some of the best puzzles around all in one place.

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Sequential Movement Puzzles

Sliding Block and other Sequential Movement puzzles

Sequential move puzzles require a series of steps or moves to solve the puzzle and reach your goal. Usually there are many steps to follow so it’s hard to memorise and therefore even if you do the puzzle you may not be able to repeat the solution without a lot of practice.

Sliding block puzzles are probably the best know in this category. Rush Hour has been a top seller since it’s release by Binary Arts (later to become Think Fun) in 1996. But this is recent puzzle history. Back in 1932 J. H. Flemming patented the popular sliding block puzzle called Dad’s Puzzle in England although it may have been known earlier than this in France as the L’Ane Rouge. Variations of this puzzle then became very popular in Japan during WWII; one called “Daughter in a Box” and another called “Break Through the Enemy’s Defences” were made for civilians to pass the time in air raid shelters. This type puzzle is still very popular to this day with versions like Grand Master and others.

If You Love Brainteasers, You’re Going To Love A Slider Puzzle

Slider puzzles are one of the most frustrating, challenging types of puzzle you can attempt. Just when you think you have it figured out, you suddenly get stuck. If it makes you feel any better, mathematicians categorise slider puzzles as PSPACE-complete, which is a way of saying their mathematical complexity makes them difficult for even computers to complete. So, what makes slider puzzles so different from other types of puzzles, and why should you invest in one? Let’s take a look.

How Are Slide Puzzles Different From Other Puzzles?

There are a few key characteristics that set slide puzzles apart from your average block puzzles.

  • You can only move one piece at a time. Slide puzzles are often also called sequential puzzles, as you have to move the pieces in a sequential order to solve the problem. There’s no force required, as the parts will slide easily if meant to move.
  • You can’t lift pieces. Within a slider puzzle, all the pieces stay on the board or puzzle the whole time. You can’t lift, twist, push, or pull any of the pieces; they only slide.
  • They’re very hard to memorise and master. Even the most straightforward of slide puzzles have many moves, making it hard to learn the solution. Although you may solve it once, you’ll need to complete it many times to say you’ve officially mastered it.

The Benefits Of Sitting Down With A Slider Puzzle

Slide puzzles aren’t just fun. They also have plenty of benefits for your cognitive and physical wellbeing! A sliding block puzzle can;

  • Be an outlet for creativity. If you want to solve slide puzzles, you’re going to need to brainstorm creative approaches to find a solution. To complete them, you’ll need to exercise your creative and logical brain!
  • Relieve stress. There is something oddly soothing about working on a puzzle. Despite your intermittent frustration, the brain loves opportunities to focus on one thing at a time. It allows you to go into a sort of meditative state and truly relax. If the kids are hyperactive, give them a slider puzzle to help them calm down and learn how to regulate their emotions.
  • Increase happiness and self-esteem. When people complete puzzles after a lot of hard work and focus, their brains release dopamine and endorphins that create feelings of joy and accomplishment. This, in turn, improves feelings of confidence, optimism, and concentration. For kids, it encourages them to continue challenging themselves, and for adults, this feeling can enhance productivity at work.

What Sets Mr Puzzle Apart?

We’ve been online since 1998, and we’ve consistently remained Australia’s favourite online puzzle store. We can think of a few reasons why people prefer to shop with Mr Puzzle.

  • We have the most extensive, most comprehensive range of puzzle products in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a wood puzzle or a metal puzzle, a simple brain teaser or a challenge to keep you guessing, a traditional classic or the latest Hanayama; Mr Puzzle has it all. We do our best to source puzzles from our international range of suppliers, but sometimes puzzles are just so popular that they sell out. We always have waiting lists available, and we’re transparent about the likelihood of a restock.
  • Unmatched product knowledge. When we say we love puzzles, you’d best believe it! Mr Puzzle himself, Brian Young, lives, breathes, and dreams about puzzles. He’s been an avid collector and designer since 1992, and Brian’s Limited Edition SMS Box is acknowledged as one of the most challenging puzzles ever. Anything you’d like to know about puzzles, we can help.
  • Premium customer service. The Mr Puzzle team is a small one, but that allows us to dedicate our attention and care to each order. We love meeting and selling our products to fellow puzzle lovers all over Australia and internationally, so you can count on personalised, enthusiastic service every time.

If You’re Looking For A Slider Puzzle, Head To Mr Puzzle

When you’re looking to purchase puzzles online, Mr Puzzle is your one-stop-shop. We’ve been designing and selling puzzles since 1992, and we had our online puzzle shop well before Google even existed. We’re renowned as Australia’s leading online puzzle store, and we’re proud to be able to offer puzzle-lovers across the nation with a wide variety of brain-teasing puzzles. At Mr Puzzle, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality puzzles, premium customer service, and unparalleled knowledge of all things puzzle-related. If you’re looking to purchase a slider puzzle, don’t hesitate to drop by our online store and browse the range today!