Set of 2 high-level Aluminium burr puzzles

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Discounted set of two amazing precision-made aluminium difficult burr puzzles. Two different designers. Both made by Wil’s Streetwise Puzzles Inc. 
Burr’s made by Wil are rare so if you want to collect the full suite of Wil Strijbos puzzles then this is a great deal. You’ll also get the additional 5% discount offer for a purchase over A$150 even on this discounted set as well as any other puzzles you purchase.

Also available to buy individually.

7 move Philippe Dubois Aluminium Burr

Produced by Wil Strijbos's Streetwise Puzzles Inc this very difficult level 7 burr has always been known as the Philippe Dubois burr.

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10 move Piston Burr in Aluminium by Wil

Designed by American Peter Marineau without a computer and produced by Wil Strijbos's Streetwise Puzzles Inc.
A very difficult level 10.3 interlocking burr puzzle. A level 10.3 burr means that 10 individual pieces must be moved in order before the first piece can be removed. Then 3 more are required to remove the second piece at which point the burr will completely disassemble.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The few burrs that I have left in stock have small machining marks in a couple of places.  I've taken a couple of close up shots of those marks on one of the burrs. They are made when the aluminium was machined and they don't appear as though they will polish out.  I've not taken the burrs apart but I inspected them very closely and these don't appear to be actual scratches from later handling. These are the last 3 of these burrs that I have and the photos are indicative of condition and I'm selling as is.

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Get the set of both Aluminium Burr puzzles at a discounted price. The 10 move Piston Burr  and the 7 move Phillippe Dubois Burr. 
Both Burrs are high level and very difficult.

High level multiple move burrs have always been a favourite of Brian’s.  As a bit of fun he decided to see what would happen if you mixed the pieces from each of the 10 move Peter Marineau Burr and the 7 move Phillipe Dubois burrs. For the Burr Geeks out there, according to BurrTools there are 23,396 possible assemblies and from those there are 8,603 solvable burrs. Brian says there are some very interesting level 5 & level 4 disassemblies that are also worth puzzling over but the two highest levels are still these two original designs. Then of course, once you’ve finished mixing them there’s the puzzle of knowing which pieces went into making the two original burrs!

Size: Each block is 22mm x 22mm x 66mm long.
Wil Strijbos does not supply solutions with his puzzles. He really believes that you will get much more puzzling enjoyment if you’re not easily tempted.

The puzzle is made from solid polished aluminium. Very accurately made using a CNC Mill so the fit will always be perfect. They feel amazing to play with as each move clicks into place smoothly and precisely.
They are very shiny so over time you might be able to mark these puzzles with constant use but you’ll never be able to break them!  And a quick polish and they’ll be back shiny again.

10 move Piston Burr in Aluminium by Wil

The BurrTools computer program describes this interlocking burr as a level 9.3 puzzle; that’s because the program considers it to be one move only when two pieces are moved at the same time.
When playing with the puzzle pieces are generally moved individually, hence Peter and Wil calling this a level 10 puzzle.

Designed by American Peter Marineau without a computer and produced by Wil Strijbos’s Streetwise Puzzles Inc.
This six-piece burr was designed before Bill Cutler finished his computer program to analyse all possible six piece burr combinations (started 1974 but not completed until August 1990)  and is still the highest level unique solution burr known to have been produced without a computer. Bruce Love from New Zealand did also design a high-level burr without a computer called Love’s Dozen but that puzzle has 90 solutions.

7 move Phillippe Dubois Aluminium Burr

This amazing burr puzzle has always been known as The Philippe Dubois Burr puzzle although he’s not actually credited as the puzzle designer. The designer remains unknown. In Jerry Slocum’s book Puzzles Old & New published in 1988 he describes the puzzle as “Found in 1985 in Israel by famous puzzle enthusiast Philippe Dubois” 

This puzzle has internal voids and no solid locking piece which differentiates it from less difficult puzzles with the same external shape. It has just six pieces but it is firmly in our Very Difficult puzzles category.

The degree of difficulty of this puzzle is because the internal voids and no solid locking piece means that there is room for 7 sliding moves to remove the first block in the puzzle. Don’t forget that’s 7 sliding moves to get the last piece back in when you’re putting it back together! Combine that with a unique solution and yes, it’s very hard!

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Weight 0.790 kg
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 9.5 cm

7 move Philippe Dubois Aluminium Burr

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 11 × 9.5 × 9.5 cm

Difficulty Level

10 move Piston Burr in Aluminium by Wil

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 11 × 9.5 × 9.5 cm

Difficulty Level

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