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Set of Fifteen puzzle and 15 puzzle book

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A great read about a great puzzle. Buy the Fifteen Puzzle and the book that tells the story of how one of America's greatest puzzle designers, Sam Lloyd, fooled everyone for 115 years!
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A great read about a great puzzle. Buy the Fifteen Puzzle and the book that tells the story of how one of America's greatest puzzle designers, Sam Lloyd, fooled everyone for 115 years! SAVE AU $8.90.

The Puzzle

Age 14+ The puzzle is to slide the tiles around and make the pattern shown in each challenge. The puzzle that drove the world crazy. Since 1880!! So why not arrange a "Fifteen Puzzle Party"; they were all the rage in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Cairo living rooms in the 1880s.

The Fifteen puzzle has resurfaced many times over the years, often with some small twist or claim of originality. This one is a faithful reproduction of the original stainless steel version called "The IMP" released in 1933. Its smooth sliding stainless steel tiles with decorative enamel facings represent the purest, highest quality rendering of this classic that we've ever seen.

Size of puzzle tray: 60mm x 60mm x 6mm Includes stainless steel puzzle, Instruction book with over 30 challenges and their solutions, handy Travel case.

The Book

Written by Jerry Slocum and Dic Sonneveld. Published by The Slocum Puzzle Foundation. ISBN 1 890980 15 3 First published in 2006 144 full colour glossy pages Hard cover

The story of the puzzle that started the craze of 1880 and how America's greatest puzzle designer, Sam Loyd, fooled everyone for 115 years! And a really interesting historical read with many nice observations about family and social life of the day. From the Foreword by Will Shortz: " In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Sam Loyd, the great American puzzle genius, freely used others' puzzles without credit, passing them off as his own." .... "Both claims, though, were repeated so often and so widely that they were often accepted, and this 'information' can still be found in standard references today." .... "It's a wonderful story, which Jerry Slocum and Dic Sonneveld reveal in this surprising, entertaining, and painstakingly researched book, is completely untrue." .... "They refute Loyd's claim to the puzzle's invention. Then identify the real inventor, track the puzzle's long, twisted route to market, and explain why the inventor's name has essentially remained a secret for 125 years" ....

The chapters in the book cover:

>The Fifteen Puzzle craze >Literature on the History and Solutions 1880-1900 >Who invented the fifteen puzzle?
>Did Sam Loyd invent the fifteen puzzle?
>Did a deaf mute in Hartford invent the fifteen puzzle?
>Did a New York postmaster invent the fifteen puzzle?
>Were solvers of the fifteen puzzle driven insane?
>The lasting impact of the fifteen puzzle craze

Size: 210mm x 260mm

There have been many amazing reviews of this book.  A few excerpts below:

Martin Gardner, Author of 15 Classic Books on Mathematical Recreations - "Jerry Slocum and Dic Sonneveld have written an amazing tour de force. It covers in fantastic detail the history of the greatest mechanical puzzle craze ever to sweep not only the United States but also England and Europe. The Rubik's Cube mania was modest in comparison. Did Sam Loyd, America's greatest puzzle maker, invent the notorious 14-15 sliding block puzzle? He claimed he did but the claim was a total lie."

Will Shortz, Crossword Editor, NY Times & PuzzleMaster, National Public Radio - "This is a book that everyone interested in puzzles will enjoy." David Singmaster, Professor of Mathematics and Metagrobologist - "The whole story is a bit like an Indiana Jones film, but has the immense advantages of being true and coherent! This is a monumental work which resolves one of the great historical puzzles of puzzledom."

Professor Don Knuth, Stanford U., Author of The Art of Computer Programming - "This book is a visual delight in addition to setting incredible new standards in historical research about the world's fascinating puzzle subculture."

Jerry Guild, Book Reviewer and Puzzle Lover - "An excellent treat for yourself or for anyone who likes puzzles."

Read a short biography of Jerry Slocum.

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Difficulty Level 6
Designer -

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