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Cast O'Gear 3D maze by Hanayama


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Hanayama rate this Oskar van Deventer designed three dimensional maze as Level 3. They call that level Normal! Let's see if you can separate the Gear from the Cube in a normal amount of time!
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Hanayama Difficulty Level 3 - Normal

The object of this puzzle is to remove the gear from the cube. 

The O'Gear puzzle is a three dimensional maze and you must skilfully weave the gear part through the cube to remove it. It's always hard to say how many moves there are to complete a puzzle like this. It will definitely be more than 15 but depending on how many wrong paths you take through the puzzle it could end up taking many, many more.

Originally called the Sunflower, this puzzle was designed in 2001 by a famous Dutch puzzle designer Oskar van Deventer.  The puzzle received an Honourable Mention at the very first IPP Puzzle Design Competition held in Los Angeles.  Oskar has since designed many puzzles for Hanayama and others and won many awards. Oskar is considered to be one of the most brightest puzzle creators in the world.

True to form Oskar has given some clues while at the same time not making the exit path that clear cut. There's a small triangle on one face that you can use to help orientate the gear when moving around the cube.  The cube is designed with a number of raised edges that allow the gear to rotate but Oskar has also added some sharp edges that stop the gear rotating in certain positions. Just when you think you're nearly out you'll likely find the path is blocked by another sharp edge!

The key word is: Teeth

Size: The width of the gear part is 70mm. The cube is 35mm x 35mm x 35mm. Presented in a view window box which is 75mm x 115mm x 45mm
Hanayama puzzles come packaged with a printed solution (not offered as standard by other sellers) but try the puzzle without it first. If you manage to do it you'll really get that fantastic feeling of Aha!

Pictured from Brian's personal collection: Oskar's original Sunflower puzzle given at IPP22 in Antwerp in 2002

OSkar's Sunflower puzzle

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hanayama
Difficulty Level 4
Designer Oskar van Deventer

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