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Coordinated motion interlocking wooden puzzles by Vinco


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The puzzle is to take the four pieces of the puzzle apart and then put them back together again which is even harder to do.
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These three puzzles look quite different to each other. And you may wish to collect all three just for their beautiful woodworking and artistic forms. But they do work in a similar way.
Their external shape and the different wood arrangements certainly does make it more difficult to visualise the solutions to each different puzzle.

Each puzzle has 4 uniformly shaped pieces and the challenge is to take them apart and then reassemble the puzzle so you can still have this gorgeous artistic piece on your shelf. For most people putting the puzzle back together again is by far the harder part.

Dual Tetrahedron 04

This shape is like two tetrahedrons with rounded edges that have been joined together. The uniform patterning of the different woods and precise hand fit of the puzzle make fitting the pieces back together even harder than taking the puzzle apart.

Size: 70mm x 70mm x 70mm Wood: Maple, Elm & Walnut Finish: waxed and polished

Flowers 02

The puzzle is to take the four pieces of the puzzle apart and then put them back together again.  The shape is an octahedron with a small curved pyramid appended to each side. 

Size: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm Wood: Maple & Plum Finish: waxed and polished

Ocvalhedron 30

Ocvalhedron? Is it an octahedron...? maybe it started out that way? Perhaps some artistic licence in the name by Vinco? Whatever it is Vinco has used two contrasting coloured woods to form a beautiful symmetrical shape. And now you have to find where the four pieces start and finish so you can take it apart. Quite a challenge.

Size: 75mm x 75mm x 75mm Wood: Maple & Plum Finish: waxed and polished

Every puzzle is hand made by Vinco and individually fitted to the highest standard. Their interesting shapes, and the use of different colours and patterns, made them not just a puzzle but a very attractive piece of wooden artwork.
The stocks of these puzzles are very limited and we do not know if Vinco will be making more of these particular puzzles in the future.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Vinco
Difficulty Level 6
Designer Vaclav Obsivac

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