So many different rope puzzles to choose

Recently we added a lot of new wood and rope disentanglement puzzles to our website.

If you’re looking for a puzzle with a particular theme this range works well; we’ve got wombats, fish, cats, and more…  Cars and lunar theme too.

There’s a range of difficulty ratings too.  Hard ones for adults.   Not so hard ones for kids.

Disentanglement, or untangle type puzzles, are really good educational tools for children to develop spatial awareness skills and ordered thinking and strategy skills.

Made from rope and wood this puzzle category is pretty safe too.  Light.  Nothing sharp.  And some of them don’t even have removable pieces to complete the puzzle so no pieces to lose  (even if there can be a few knots to untangle at time!).

Available on this page:  but here’s just a  few…..

Staircase Disentanglement puzzle on Elephant base

String puzzle Triple Post

Wood ring and rope disentanglement puzzle with black base