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Wild Australia educational jigsaw puzzles


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Different educational jigsaw puzzles for kids. Different Australian landmarks and eco systems and the plants, animals, birds and fish that live in them.

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From the "Wild Australia" series of jigsaw puzzles for children with artwork by Gary Fleming.  8 different size puzzles for different age groups. 100, 150, 200 & 300 piece jigsaw puzzles with great aussie themes. They show different Australian landmarks and eco systems and the plants, animals, birds and fish that live in them.  The back of each box includes an identification guide to plants, animals, birds and fish depicted in the puzzle so it has real educational value.

Educational and fun! These jigsaws are perfect gifts for friends and family abroad.

Finished Size of each puzzles is: 490mm x 360mm 

From Desert to Sea   Age: 6+ 100 piece ROUND jigsaw puzzle.

Learn about the states of Australia. Each state is a separate large jigsaw piece. Use the Australian map puzzle pieces as drawing templates.
The map of Australia is surrounded by the remaining jigsaw pieces showing 18 popular Aussie creatures.
The back of the box includes an identification guide to the animals and birds depicted in the puzzle.
Educational and fun!

The Outback  Age: 6+  100 piece jigsaw puzzle

The Outback jigsaw features artwork by Gary Fleming of the birds and animals of the Australian Outback.  From the Dingo to Bilby.  From Emu to the Wedge-tailed Eagle.  The Knob-tailed Gecko, Bourke's Parrot, and lesser known aussie birds and animals that live around Ulura and many other areas of the outback landscape.  These jigsaws are perfect gifts for friends and family aboard.

Butterflies & Beetles  Age: 7+  150 piece jigsaw puzzle

The Butterflies and Beetles jigsaw shows an amazing array of colourful butterflies and beetles found in the Aussie bush.The butterflies might be brightly coloured and stand out but some of the bugs are camouflaged so well that the second part of the puzzle is to actually find them!
The back of the box includes an identification guide to all the butterflies and beetles depicted in the puzzle.

Magical Rainforest   Age: 7+  150 piece jigsaw puzzle

Did you know there was a kangaroo that lived in the trees? Can you find the green tree python, he's so well camouflaged? The Magical Rainforest brings the magic of the rainforest to this challenging 150 piece jigsaw puzzle for young children.

Wetlands & Marshes   Age: 7+ 150 piece jigsaw puzzle.

The 21 different birds and animals drawn in this 150 piece jigsaw puzzle might be found in some of the famous Wetlands and Marshes around Australia. From The Coorong in South Australia to Moulting Lagoon in Tasmania. From the Macquarie Marshes in NSW right up to the Mareeba Tropical Savanna in north Queensland to the famous Kakadu area of the Northern Territory this diverse range of birds, the scary crocodile and reclusive platypus and more can be found in these amazing eco systems.

On the Forest Floor   Age: 8+  200 piece jigsaw puzzle

What's your favourite Aussie animal or bird? Do you love the Wombat or the Pretty Faced Wallaby?  The Echidna's cute but don't get too close to those spikes.  And for sure that when you're walking in the Aussie Bush you'll always need to beware the Common Brown Snake!!!!   They're all there, a total of 18 different birds and animals in their Australian forest floor bush setting.

Beneath the Oceans  Age: 8+  200 piece jigsaw puzzle

Australia is surrounded by Oceans.  So, do you know your Red Emperor from your Silver Trevally? Your Coral Cod from your Firefish?   Of course you'll know the Great White Shark and the Southern Humpback Whale, but what the heck is a Moorish Idol?   Just some of the 16 different sea creatures depicted in this Beneath The Ocean jigsaw the kids will love doing.

There's a lot of blue to make this 200 piece jigsaw puzzle quite challenging!

In The Treetops   Age: 9+ 300 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Australia has over 125 million hectares of forest, which is equivalent to 16% of Australia's land area. The forests of Australia are diverse and highly valued and are among the country's most important natural resources.  As is the wide array of species found in them and nowhere else in the world.  This jigsaw shows 19 different species of birds, reptiles and animals that live in the treetops of the Aussie bush.



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