Alchemy variation of Altekruse puzzle

Sold Out 2005 Limited Edition set of 30
Original Price: AU$280 

Some years ago Brian noticed a drawing of puzzle concept in Stewart Coffin’s book The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections.

It would appear that there were a number of concepts created based on variations of the Alterkruse puzzle using pins and holes in each piece. Stewart also noted that by using many different design pieces, not just the standard left-hand and right-hand half/half combination of pieces, the puzzle would become even more interesting.

So, Mr Puzzle has done it. Brian actually invented one of these puzzles, making every piece different. A serious challenge.

There are 14 pieces to the puzzle, all different. The pieces have a total of 21 holes drilled in them in various formats and a matching 21 gold rods glued into the 14 pieces.

The puzzle is crafted from Mackay Cedar. This tree only grows in the coastal rainforests between Mackay and the Endeavour River in North Queensland. Dark red/brown in colour with some yellow streaks causing a striated pattern, this wood has a coarse, large pored and occasionally curly grain. Supply of this timber is also very limited as the main areas of growth are in World Heritage listed areas. The pins are made from 9.6mm brass rod which we’ve had gold plated. Apart from looking fabulous, gold plating makes a good protective coating to stop corrosion of the brass. Brass rod was used because we could achieve a greater level of accuracy than if we used wooden dowel.

A fine pencil arris has been used on the pieces of this puzzle so we don’t take away from it’s box shape. The puzzle has been lacquered inside and out and each individual piece has been buffed and waxed.
Size: 90mm x 90mm x 90mm

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