Patience is a Virtue 7 piece wooden dissection puzzle

Standard Range puzzle made from September 1995 to January 2003.  1420 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$40.00

In addition to fitting the pieces back into the rectangular frame there are 100 other shapes on the accompanying sheet to make with them.

Designed in 1899 by Richard Moller, working for A.J.Richter & Co. the Kobold puzzle was one of 36 different Anchor Puzzles manufactured between 1891 & 1964. The height of their popularity was during WW1 when they were manufactured for troops in Germany and ironically under licence by British Lotts Brick Co. for the English troops as well. The pieces were made of a mixture of Kaolin clay from Bavaria which Richter had purchased the patent for in 1882 and originally used to manufacture Anchor Stone building blocks.

Size 200mm x 158mm x 30mm Packaged ASSEMBLED for easier shipment!