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Heavy Metal Triangle burr made by Wil Strijbos

This metal burr has three identical pieces interlocked to make a triangular shape. This new version puzzle was developed by Mr Gong and Wil Strijbos at Streetwise Puzzles Inc. This is a level 4.2 burr but quite different from Wil’s other

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Collectors update: Glitter very hard burr

Difficulty rating 10/10 You would expect this level of difficulty in an 18 piece burr. This one has just 5! We have just 15 of these puzzles left. Once sold we won’t be making them again. Designed by Osanori Yamamoto

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Awful Eiffel level 12 burr

An 8 piece interlocking burr that’s as hard to do as it is to photograph!!!  It’s a level 12 burr and then some so nothing trivial that’s for sure.  Just like photographing a clear Perspex burr is not trivial! The

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Puzzle Designer Junichi Yananose

Junichi is credited with designing some of the most interesting and complex, and therefore the most difficult, puzzles to solve ever created.  In 2007 he received an honorable mention at the International Design Competition awards  for his Tornado Burr. With

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International Puzzle Party 29, San Francisco, USA

IPP29 was hosted by Dave Rossetti  and held in San Francisco in August of 2009. What do you think of when you think San Francisco?  That funny windy little street in all the movies?  That’s exactly what Brian thought of

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Puzzle Designer Bill Cutler

Bill Cutler has been interested in puzzles, particularly the 6 piece burr puzzle, since he saw his first example in a drugstore window when he was a young boy.  He has always been particularly interested in burrs that required multiple

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