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Index to Mr Puzzle Limited Edition in Archives

We’ve been making puzzles since 1993 and we often receive emails from people searching for information about a puzzle we used to make. So, this page is a resource for collectors. It has historical records of puzzles that were previously made

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International Puzzle Party 32 Washington,USA

The 32nd IPP was held in Washington DC.  What a city to visit.  So many museums.  And then there was a weekend of puzzling….. Mr Puzzle made two new sequential discovery puzzle designs for the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange event

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International Puzzle Party 31 Berlin, Germany

At Mr Puzzle we made three puzzles for the IPP in Berlin.  Two very different puzzles by the same designer: Junichi Yananose.  And Brian designed his own progressive discovery puzzle “off the back of the bat”… to “torture” everyone…. all

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