Hanayama Snow cast metal take apart puzzle

Hanayama has produced a very playable and doable puzzle meant for fiddling and fun this time! Or have they?

Rated Level 2 out of 6 so it should be a lot of fun.

Brian picked up the new Hanayama Snow for the first time a couple of weeks ago and for the next little while all I kept hearing in the background was “I can’t even see where it’s supposed to come out”.  Admittedly he hasn’t spent hours playing with it but the puzzle is still sitting in an unsolved state on our kitchen bench. So it’s not that easy!
It’s one of those puzzles that every time you walk past it you pick it up and try to solve it. It should come apart more easily than it does!

Perhaps not quite as tactile in the hand as some of the other Hanayamas. Some of the edge angles are pointy. But they need to be to get the precision movements required to solve it.

We just received them in May but they sold out pretty quickly and with the Covid-19 post delays there won’t be more until early July.

Hanayama Snow cast maze puzzle

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