Jigsaw Puzzles during Covid-19

What a phenomenon they turned out to be!
During the Covid-19 lockdown we seemed to hear about Jigsaw Puzzles at every turn.

The Prime Minister of Australia even called jigsaw puzzles an ‘essential’ item during the Covid-19 restrictions.
ABC News in Australia report on 1st April:  “Prime Minister Scott Morrison raised eyebrows over the weekend when he described jigsaw puzzles as an “essential” item, telling Australians it was OK to leave the house to buy them during the coronavirus pandemic.

With so many people staying at home; with school kids learning from home; we always knew puzzles of all types would increase in popularity. And they certainly did!  From mid-April it seemed there was not a jigsaw puzzle to be had in any online shop any more.

In another interview on the ABC in April on puzzler said in an interview: “A whole bunch of dopamine kicks in from putting pieces together, but it will never equal the serotonin buzz that putting the last piece into a big puzzle will give you. It’s the difference between pleasure and satisfaction.”

Read the story of jigsaw puzzle enthusiast John Philpot has dedicated months of his life to completing some of the biggest puzzles in the world and his passion boils down to three simple things: adrenaline, addiction and art.


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