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Woven Burr

Sold out 2012 Limited Edition Set of 30.
Original Price: AU$225.00

A completely new design in 2011; one of the first puzzles designed by Junichi since moving downunder! With a unique 14-3-2-2-2 solution this is certainly one very difficult puzzle.

When he brought this design to work here at Mr Puzzle Brian immediately recognised it as a very special design and wanted to make it for Limited Edition. This puzzle leant itself very well to the large format of Limited Edition; the shape of the pieces would be fragile if made smaller.

That was the start of the idea for this series, and what started as 1 ended up 5 very special burrs.

There are 6 pieces in the puzzle. Each piece consists of two ‘S’ shaped pieces joined at the ends. Not all the ‘S’ shapes are the same and not all of them run in the same direction.

With check-outs (notches) on different sides, all 6 pieces need to be interwoven together at the same time to assemble the puzzle. It is by no measure interlocked like a standard burr.

The final shape is symmetrical, but each piece is slightly offset to the opposing piece which makes it harder to focus on and visualise the final shape.

Wood: Queensland Blackbutt with Queensland Blackbean inserts. Size: 155mm x 155mm x 155mm 

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