Kamikaze Burr

Sold Out Limited Edition 2012 Set of 30.
Original Price: AU$240.00  (AU$218.18 ex Australian Tax)
In January 2018 2018 one of these puzzles resold at Haubrich Auctions for Euro 185.00

There are many puzzle designs with coordinated motion but most of them have just one motion of assembly. Most are mathematically the same. Coordinated motion means a number of pieces move at the same time. This action is often described by puzzlers in Japan as an explosion type.

In 1995 Junichi developed a puzzle with more than one coordinated action or motion. It was introduced in the bulletin of the Academy of Recreational Mathematics in Japan in that same year and has been waiting for someone to make it ever since. Brian soon discovered there was good reason for this. He found getting exactly the correct tolerances so that it moves just right very challenging.

The puzzle has 15 pieces and the motion and movement of the pieces in this puzzle is truly extreme. It might appear that the puzzle is made a little loose, but be assured that it is intentional because if it fitted firmly the puzzle would go together but getting it apart again with just 2 hands would be near impossible; that is until you get to the point of no return. Then it gets really scary!

Junichi called it Kamikaze because he considers this puzzle extreme. Although many puzzle solvers will know which pieces go where in the puzzle, finding the order to put them in and the motion to get it together is truly extreme.

Once you’ve played with this puzzle you will soon understand where Junichi got the concept for his award winning Tornado Burr.

All 5 puzzles this year are quite different and radical but there is no puzzle more different or radical than this one.
Wood: Queensland Silky Oak (known in some other countries as Lacewood). Click here to read more. Size: 150mm x 150mm x 150mm Weight: 1 kg with packaging