New puzzle box designs by Patrick Alpers of Infinite Loop Games

Patrick Alpers has ventured out from the world of online computer games to producing physical puzzles. He’s started with a couple of puzzle boxes. And he’s not been bound by traditional designs that have come before either!

The shapes of the sliding pieces are unusual. And unlike many traditional boxes its not just what you would call the lid of the puzzle box that is removed to reveal the space inside.

The 11 step Antares puzzle box is a more difficult than an introductory-level puzzle box. Because some of the pieces completely disassemble it also means it may not be straightforward to put back together if you get them mixed up.

We rate the 24 step larger Orion puzzle box at about 6/10. That means we expect you might work on it for an hour or two before not just fluking the solution but really understanding what’s happening and being able to repeat it at will. All our difficulty ratings are assessed assuming you DO NOT consult the solution sheet.