Soma Cube wood puzzle

Standard Range version made from July 1995 to February 2009.  1100 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$32.00

The puzzle is to assemble the cube….

There is a sheet supplied with this puzzles which has another 22 shapes for you to try to make using these same seven pieces. Can you find which ONE of the 22 shapes CANNOT be made using the same 7 pieces ?

Danish poet and writer Piet Hein invented this puzzle in 1936 while attending a lecture on quantum physics. R. Guy at the University of Malaya in Singapore tabulated 240 different solutions for the puzzle…. but this is by no means the final count.

Soma is derived from the drug which transported it’s users into a dreamlike trance in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) and has since been used to name a specific part of our brain.

How could we even contemplate giving this puzzle a new name?
This puzzle is made in the traditional manner using 27 individual cubes glued into the 7 different shapes. It’s made in a larger size to make it easier for children (and us big kids..) to play with. Size 90mm x 90mm x 90mm