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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Brian's (alias Mr Puzzle) Puzzle Collection

Brian began collecting puzzles as a kid but things got very serious in the early in 1992 when he decided to start making puzzles for a living as well. Since then he pretty much lives and breathes puzzles. Brian designs puzzles, makes puzzles, sells puzzles, and collects puzzles. He currently has a few thousand puzzles in his collection. Brian collects all types of puzzles but would very much love to add some old Australian puzzles to his collection.
















Brian is very interested in collecting old Australian puzzles although he's found these are few and far between.

A prized possession is this Cohn's Pharmacy puzzle dated from the early 1900's when the telephone numbers in Melbourne had just three numbers.


Recently Brian also heard of a "Telecom T" puzzle circa 1970's. He's never even seen one but of course thinks he would love to add it to his collection.

A couple of other puzzles that Brian would love to have in his collection dating from late 1800's to early 1900's are:

The Lost Sheep puzzle circa 1889 (photo below thanks to James Dalgety at The Puzzle Museum) and The White Australia Puzzle circa 1914 (aka The White Australia Game) photo thanks to the National Archives of Australia. Although these days the sentiment expressed by this puzzle is totally unacceptable there is not doubt this puzzle reflected the political opinions of a different era.

If you think you have a puzzle that Brian may be interested to add to his collected please don't hesitate to contact us at with the details.


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