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About Mr Puzzle

Brian & Sue Young trading as Mr Puzzle since 1993 & on the web since 1998.

Brian and Sue at Mr Puzzle

At Mr Puzzle we know puzzles!  We only sell puzzles.

Our specialty is very hard puzzles and other speciality puzzles sourced from around the world; many of the puzzles we sell are not available anywhere else. Wood and metal puzzles from specialist puzzle makers and designers. All types of mechanical puzzles. Sequential discovery puzzles, interlocking burr puzzles, cast metal puzzles, wire puzzles, sliding block puzzles, tangram, soma, nail and rope disentanglement and all your old favourites too.

You can view by Puzzle Type, or search by Name, by Difficulty rating, by Price, by Manufacturer or by Designer.

Most puzzles will come with a printed solution. We will specifically note on the detail page if there's not one with the puzzle you're considering.

Mr Puzzle started out selling only our own brand of puzzles way before internet shopping was thought of. We sold our puzzles at a craft market at Southbank Parklands in Brisbane. From 1998 when we launched our first website we knew it was going to be a great way to connect to many international customers who were visiting Australia and found us at Southbank and wanted to buy more puzzles. Over the years we started combining selling our own product with puzzles bought in from other suppliers; most of whom do not sell via any other outlet in Australia.

So, who is Mr Puzzle himself?

Mr Puzzle is our own brand of puzzles are manufactured by Brian Young (alias Mr Puzzle) in Queensland, Australia.

Brian has been collecting puzzles since he was a boy and in 1993 he decided to turn his hobby into a job and began making and selling puzzles full time. His personal collection is now probably over 5000 pieces which he points out is by no means a large collection compared to others in the world. Some collectors have 40,000 pieces in their collections… and more….

Mr Puzzle branded puzzles are hand-crafted here by Brian himself with help at times others who work here at Mr Puzzle. We still have a few standard range puzzles, we regularly produce new designs for the annual International Puzzle Party, and Brian makes either Craftsman Range or Limited Edition puzzles at times, although infrequently.

In 2002 Brian designed his first major sequential discovery puzzle. It was an interlocking puzzle in his Limited Edition range called Ned Kelly. Modelled on the story of the Australian Bushranger the puzzler must solve ten different puzzles to discover the tools incorporated in the puzzle. These tools are required along the way to solve the puzzle. Brian enjoys not only the puzzle aspect of this puzzle but also the artistic expression of the work. He calls it Puzzle Art. 

Brian Collection

Since then he's designed many more sequential discovery puzzles, sometimes also known as progressive discovery puzzles. His last Limited Editions were the SMS Box in 2016 and before that Katie Koala in 2013. Brian has always kept #1 in every series since his first in 1993 of every limited edition puzzle and so he's the only person in the world that has the entire collection. A number of puzzles have been resold at specialist auctions with a record price for one of Brian's Katie Koala puzzles achieved in September 2019 of Euro 6930 which is more than 8 times the original price we sold the puzzle for.

He's also designed a number of themed puzzles for the annual IPP. In 2007 IPP was held locally at the Gold Coast, Australia. Brian's Gold Coast Parking Meter designed for that event was well received, especially when presented to puzzlers by a local Gold Coast Meter Maid. In 2011 Brian released the Houdini Torture Cell sequential discovery puzzle at IPP31 in Berlin. The puzzle was the winner of one of the two Jury First Prizes in the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2012. And in 2014 Mr Puzzle made the Big Ben sequential discovery puzzle; a collaborative design effort by Brian and John Moores and Junichi Yananose. The puzzle received two awards at IPP35 in Ottawa. Winner – Jury Grand Prize in the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2015 and also a prize for Best Puzzle at the IPP34 Puzzle Exchange.

You can refer to our Mr Puzzle Archive pages to read about some of our past designs even though they are now sold out.

While many modern puzzles are created and designed on a computer, Brian still invents his own creations in his head. One of Brian’s first designs was Coming of Age Mk II. For a while there it held the world record for the maximum amount of moves to remove the first piece of a commercially-produced puzzle. It has a difficulty rating of 10 and it takes 19 directional moves just to remove the first piece!!!
In more recent times Brian's become very interested in designing and making Sequential Discovery puzzles; a subset of Take-Apart puzzles. The key difference between a sequential discovery puzzle and other take apart puzzles is that you will remove pieces that may have to be re-used as tools or reinserted to advance.

So, what might 2019 bring? Perhaps a puzzle that will combine his two favourite types of puzzles. What if there was a complex interlocking burr that had elements of sequential discovery to be able to take it apart? Now that would be a hard puzzle! so stay tuned……

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