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Interlocking Burrs - Premium

The description of an Interlocking Burr puzzle as "an interlocking geometrical puzzle, composed of notched rods, possessing a high degree of external symmetry" is attributed to Bill Cutler, a prolific and well know designer of very difficult burrs.

Brian's (alias Mr Puzzle's) favourite type of puzzle. This category has some of our most difficult puzzles and many of our own designs. Complex hard puzzles to really challenge, with a couple of easy puzzles thrown in for fun.

These puzzles also showcase the woodworking skills of the manufacturers represented here including Brian Young @ Mr Puzzle, Václav Obšívac from Vinco's puzzles and Jakub Dvorak and Jaroslav Svejkovsky from the Pelikan workshop.

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  1. Junichi Yananose burr

    Fallingwater Burr complex interlocking burr

    Stock Update 18th March 2019: Due to popular demand we will be making more of this puzzle later this year.

    The 6 clear interlocked pieces of this burr add another element of difficulty because its difficult to get your bearings when doing the puzzle; its often difficult to see exactly which piece your working with. Strange, considering that they are clear which means you can see everything!

    Photo: Its very difficult to photograph a totally clear acrylic puzzle so I added a darker background so you can really see how gorgeous this puzzle is!

    Learn More

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  2. Keep I on the Burr 6 piece burr

    Keep I on the Burr 6 piece burr

    The shape of the final solution is in the name 'Keep I in the Burr' and you do really have to keep an eye on those pieces. Learn More
  3. Hammerhead Vitex wood Burr

    Hammerhead Vitex wood Burr

    It will be difficult to get this burr together. Junichi described it as a mediocre level of difficulty which translates to difficult for most other puzzlers but we've packaged it disassembled to make it even harder. Learn More
  4. Wausau '82 13 piece burr

    Wausau '82 13 piece burr

    The object of the puzzle is to dissassemble the 13 piece rectilinear burr designed by Bill Cutler in Wausau, Wisconsin in 1982. Learn More
  5. IPP wooden Burr 14 piece

    IPP wooden Burr 14 piece

    The puzzle is a completely new design invented by Brian Young for IPP. It has 14 interlocking pieces and takes 13 directional moves to remove the first piece. Learn More
  6. Brace Yourself 6 piece burr

    Brace Yourself 6 piece burr

    This 6 piece burr was designed for IPP by Frans de Vreugd and is sold disassembled for a huge assembling challenge. Learn More
  7. Stepping Burr level 10 burr

    Stepping Burr level 10 burr

    This 6 piece burr has 6 different pieces and is sold disassembled. A very hard puzzle designed by Junichi Yananose with a unique level 10 solution. Learn More
  8. Brass Monkey Three heavy metal puzzle

    Brass Monkey Three take apart puzzle

    The third release in the planned series of six puzzles by Two Brass Monkeys. This one is definitely a step up in difficulty from the previous two.

    Learn More

Items 11 to 18 of 18 total

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So what makes a good burr puzzle?

Lots of pieces or not too many pieces?
Many identical pieces or no identical pieces?
Very hard or not too hard?
High level or a single simple move to remove the first piece?
Are rotational moves OK or should this not be allowed?
Should a burr be a take-apart puzzle?

Everyone will have a different view of the interlocking burr puzzle they love to play with.
Whatever your answer to these questions there's bound to be one to suit you here in the Mr Puzzle online shop.

We make a lot of burr puzzles here at Mr Puzzle. Original designs by many different designers. As well as classic designs that have been around for a long time.

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